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Areas of Practice



Our attorneys provide a full range of business litigation services throughout each stage of the litigation process. These cases can include such factors as fiduciary litigation, fraud cases, litigation of non-compete agreements, breaches of confidentiality agreements, and protection of trade secrets.




Commercial litigation is closely related to business litigation. It deals specifically with litigation regarding business transactions. Much of this area of law is governed by the Uniform Commercial Code, or UCC. Parts of your business that may be regulated by commercial law are advertising, banking, contracts, and collections.




We provide labor and employment advice and litigation services. Our firm prosecutes and defends general contract disputes, involving employees, employers, and labor laws.




Contract disputes can arise with clients, employees, vendors, suppliers, and other businesses with which you interact. The contracts on which these disagreements are based can be written or verbal. We can help you interpret the contract and fight for a favorable outcome to the dispute.



Divorce is a difficult thing to go through. It becomes even more complicated than normal if one or both spouses have business interests that must be divided up during the divorce. This is where our extensive business litigation experience can be of great help in negotiating and litigating an ultimate division of assets.



While these disputes would ideally be simple to resolve under the franchise agreement, unfortunately they can, at times, become quite complex. We can help you resolve these disputes in the most favorable possible way.




We can help you in mortgage litigation whether you are a lender or debtor. We represent clients in these cases both at the trial and appellate level. We also represent clients in alternative dispute resolution environments such as arbitration and mediation. The earlier we are able to become involved in your case, the more we can try to avoid litigation. But if litigation ensues, we can help you fight for the appropriate outcome in your case.




Disputes between business partners can be quite emotional. Often times they are compared to divorces due to the close personal relationship many business partners develop. When these very difficult situations arise, we can help.



Whether you are a minority owner, a majority owner, or a 50% owner, we can provide you with necessary legal services when one of these disputes arises.


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